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I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a know-it-all wannabe. When I’m interested in something, I dig! I want to know anything and everything I can. I love to discover new blogs, products, designers, start ups… I can be a bit of a scavenger when it comes to those types of things. There is something encouraging and influential about witnessing success as it’s happening or before it’s about to happen that intrigues me. Over the years I’ve kept a running list of my favorites and thought what better way to share them with you then through a new series. (I wouldn’t be a true know-it-all if I didn’t right?) As of late, I’ve really honed in on local happenings and during my latest hunt I came across, Styleshack. So I did what I do best!

Styleshack is the next generation of online shopping. It’s unique in that it’s completely personalized to your style, location and needs. Plus, it’s FREE and easy to navigate. Once you create your FREE account, I suggest taking the quiz to define your “style archetype”. This will not only help you in understanding your personal style, but will highlight the merchandise that you’ll really like.


I’m the edgy chic archetype, which is point on! It’s no surprise I fell in love with these items that were suggested for me.




Now, if your anything like me, sometimes online shopping fails. The item doesn’t fit right and the store near you doesn’t carry the item. That’s why I’m loving Styleshack! The items are based off your location, offering you the option to put the items that you’d like to try on, on hold in the actual store. Shopping couldn’t get any easier, especially with all the holiday shopping I have left to do! 🙂

While your signing up, be sure to check out the “About Us” section. Follow your favorite Styleshack team members on Twitter and Instagram. You can even see which style archetype they are!


What’s your style archetype?

Xx, B

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2 thoughts on “Style Spotlight // Styleshack

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