Style Spotlight // Angela Roi


The holidays made this a perfect time to introduce my next style spotlight, Angela & Roi. I know they say to not judge a book by its cover, well, that doesn’t apply here. A handbag is the gateway to a women’s life. It goes with her everywhere, from her home, the coffee shop, to work and is filled with her daily necessities. The type of handbag a women chooses can tell you a lot about the woman she is. A tote says she’s relaxed and effortlessly chic, while a satchel says she’s classic and has a glam factor.


Angela & Roi enhances the individual handbag experience by raising awareness and giving back through a mission they call, Donate by Color. Every color is associated with one of the eleven non-profit organizations Angela & Roi works with. With every handbag sold, an amount of the sale is donated to the organization associated with the color sold. For a list of the organizations click here.

Capture1So while you’re finishing up your holiday shopping, consider giving a gift that actually gives. Here are a few of our favorites, happy shopping!


Xx, B
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