what’s the best print for your personality?

My black pants are without a doubt the most over worn item in my wardrobe. From the skinny jean and track pant to the tailored trouser, things have gotten a little repetitive over here. While office attire should definitely reflect the environment you work in, I also believe it should be a reflection of your personality. The most stylish women in the world have a personal aesthetic, whether it be creative, edgy or classic – that makes them feel confident. To refrain from a worn out, insignificant wardrobe, introduce a print and play up that personality of yours! Standing out is important and choosing the right printed pant can give you the extra boost of confidence you need.


Plaid is for the classic and powerful women. She’s organized and conservative but a bit of a smart ass. Her love of order and structure often land her in a position of authority. If you’re looking to take charge and show them who’s boss, the plaid pant is perfect!


Floral is for the feminist. She’s outgoing, classy and all about the girl power! She typically is found in a predomiately male environment wearing clothes that consistently remind her peers that she is a women to be reckoned with. From fashion school to Harvard Law – this pretty lady is subtle but successful (Elle Woods anyone?)


Leopard is for the gals that love to plan. She is quiet but fierce. Her success is a direct reflection of her efforts. She has no problem clawing her way to the top to out shine her competition. If you want them to hear your roar, leopard is your print.

Which print best suits your personality? How do you style your favorite printed pants at the office?

Xx, B

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