the perfect office pant for your body

Things have really picked up for TSP lately and I’m loving every minute of it! Three weeks ago I began contributing to Patrice’s site, It has been wonderful getting to know Patrice (she is as stylish and sweet as she seems through her posts) and her readers a little bit more. Plus, I always love seeing how she styles here thrifted threads 365 series. An entire year forgoing new clothes and she gives you something new every time!  I’m lucky enough to have the opportunity to write and style the Cubicle Chic series – a budget friendly, office appropriate style series – here’s my most recent post. Enjoy.

Whether you have a curvy or boyish figure, a trouser is a must in the corporate world. They’re modern, sleek and practical – taking you from the board room to dinner. But you also want to give your co-workers a taste of your sense of style right? Here are three ways to style trousers in the workplace.

jcpenney trousers, stylish trousers, how to style pants earring / cuff / bag / blouse / flats /pant

The key to perfecting the trouser look is balance. A fitted trouser looks best with looser tops and vice versa. A mid-rise pant with some stretch looks sleekest. They’ll slim you in all the right places while showing off your curves.

target trousers, pink pants, workwear staples

necklace / bag / sweater / heel / pant 

Length is crucial. If you are tall, there is no need to lengthen your lower half so mid-calf length is ideal. For those of you who are shorter (like me), we need all the length we can get, so ankle length will look best. Choose a shoe that matches your skin tone to create a clean, sleek, single line.

floral pants, zara pants, how to style pantsnecklace / bag / blouse / flats / pant

Most importantly, show off your personal style! Stripes or prints? Brocade or tweed? Whatever it may be, flaunt it but keep it office appropriate. A monochromatic color scheme and subtle details should do the trick.

Do you wear more trousers or skirts/dresses to work? What ways do you style pants so they’re professional, but still showcase your individuality?

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Xx, B

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