casual friday… the striped tee

I have five sisters and absolutely no brothers, imagine the odds! It makes for a great family dynamic and even better wardrobe selection. We’re all so different and yet similar at the same time. Our mannerisms may unite us as siblings, but our personal styles definitely set us apart. I tend to be the trendy one in the group (my youngest sister who is six could possibly top me on this one but I was born first, so I get dibs right?). When it comes to dressing more casually, I look to my sisters for inspiration. My big sis, in particular, is the conservative and classic one – stripes and greys are among her favorite things, and if it consists of both – there is no doubt, she’s buying it! As much as I’d love to wear sequins and leopard everyday, some days call for a more classic look. A striped tee is my go-to piece on Fridays, it’s the perfect combination of comfort-ability and classic appeal.

the striped tee

I particularly love a navy or tan stripe. And I tend to lean towards one that is thin with three quarter sleeves because it works in all seasons and can be worn over my favorite blouse or under a blazer.

Are you into stripes? How do you style your favorite stripes at the office?

Xx, B

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