casual Friday: the messy ponytail

20140207-092642.jpgImage via Happily Grey

I’m a bun and ponytail kind of gal! My go-to office hairstyle is anything that keeps my hair out of my face. Who really wants to spend an hour or so styling their hair for work anyway? Not me – enter the messy ponytail. Some may argue that the office is no place for the ponytail and although I wouldn’t suggest it for the days you’ll be in client meetings – I still believe there is a place for it. The key to the perfect messy pony is quick + simple – I warn you now,  once you perfect it, it may just become a repeat offender.

A messy ponytail is all about the prep (don’t worry it’s minimal). I always start by washing my hair the night before – a bed head is the ideal candidate for the messy look.

What you’ll Need:

Texturizer. Right after getting out of the shower I apply a texturizing spray (I specifically use Pureology sea-kissed texturizer). It’s great for a beach wave, which is exactly what you are looking to accomplish.

Blow Dryer. I blow dry the hair that frames my face while it’s still wet (my hair is a bit on the curly side, so if I don’t do this step I’ll wake up with frizz). And then I comb through my hair again (half dry, half wet) and go to bed.

Dry Shampoo/Volumizer. When you wake up, you’ll have the beach hair look. I always spray my roots with dry shampoo for volume (my favorite is Redken’s Refresh 01), then after a few hair tosses, I pull it back into a ponytail. The best part of a messy hairstyle? It doesn’t have to be perfect!

Embellished Ponytail Holders. I personally like to use embellished ponytail holders (like these), they’ll dress up the look a bit.

How do you style your messy ponytail? I’d love to hear what products you’re using – leave a comment below.

Xx, B

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