step into my office: classic neutrals

Neutral space

We spend half, if not more, of our time working.  And I’m a firm believer that your workspace can be directly linked to your work ethic. If your space is cluttered and scattered odds are, you will be too. Whether your home, coffee shop or corporate based – your workspace should help, not hinder your work. When choosing the right look and feel for your personal space, keep in mind what encourages and inspires you. If you’re easily distracted, odds are, bright colors won’t be the best option. I’ve always loved a neutral space. Neutral tones are both sophisticated and classic.  And just because it’s a neutral color palette doesn’t mean it has to be boring – play with a variety of textures – cozy pillows, wicker bins… all that’s missing is the fireplace.

What’s your favorite office decor? Leave comments below or better yet send me pictures!
No. 1 Arhaus Chair, $249 No. 2 Boutique 1 Notebook, $81 No. 3 Hobby Lobby Stamp, $4 No. 4 Dot Com Gift Shop Magazine Rack, $42 No. 5 Marks and Spencer Pillow, $32 No. 6 Boston Interiors Pillow, $50 No. 7 Office (UK) Two-Tone heel, $110 No. 8 Ikea Storage Bins, $17 No.9 Aidan Gray Home Typewriter Number Set, $215
Xx, B
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