simplify your morning routine with these 5 time saving tips

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How many times did you hit snooze this morning? I wish I could say that I hop out of bed each morning, motivated and ready to go. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m usually crawling out of bed with about 20 minutes to spare before I should actually be out the door. Which leads to being consistently 10 to 15 minutes late each morning.

Starting your day rushing around like some crazy-mad-women isn’t good for anyone and sets you up for one chaotic-mess of a day. And lets not even talk about forgetting your phone, to put on deodorant or whether or not you shut the garage door. In efforts to simplify my own morning routine, and hopefully yours too – I did a little research on the dilemma and compiled a list of my favorite time saving tips to get us both out the door faster each morning.

Prepare + Pre-pack: Taking 10-15 minutes before bed each night to prepare for the day ahead will allow you plan accordingly. Check the weather, plan your outfit, have your lunch prepared, know what you’ll be having for breakfast, have the coffee pot ready to go so all you have to do is turn it on. And I personally, keep my keys, coat and purse in the same spot by the front door – it’ll save you time not having to search for them on your way out.

Skip the Morning Face Wash: I’m an avid face washer so this seemed a bit foreign to me. But if you properly wash your face each night before bed, there is no need to wash it in the morning. Washing your face too often creates dry skin – so splash with cold water and pat dry – then get on with your typical beauty routine.

Take Turns: It’s not enough just to prepare for your day, but to be aware of the day ahead for those living with you. Make a schedule to prevent routine clashes. Nothing is worse then getting up to shower just to find that someone is already in there.

Limit the Caffeine: I’m definitely at fault here! I live off my caffeinated beverages, but the high eventually will lead to a low. Before you reach for your afternoon fix, consider the alternative. Drinking more water is crucial in staying hydrated and energized. Incorporating more water into your day will prove to be more beneficial in the long run as your energy becomes more consistent.

Time Yourself: How often does it really take you to get ready? I say about 30 minutes, but in reality I’m late more often than not. Timing yourself will allow you to be realistic about how much time you really need each morning. It will also be able to tell you where you spend the most time and what could be accomplished the night before so you can catch a few more Zzzz’s.

I’d love to hear what you do to save time each morning? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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2 thoughts on “simplify your morning routine with these 5 time saving tips

  1. I’m a firm believer in pre-planning the night before, and although I get up much earlier than I need to every morning, the pre-planning (ie: having my lunch packed, and knowing the weather) generally gives me a stress free morning to spend more time with my dog or reading the news! Love these tips!

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