happy hour with Rachel Schostak of Styleshack

In December I wrote a style spotlight on a local company called Styleshack. Have you heard of it? If you missed it, you can check it out here. Over the last few months I have had the pleasure of getting to know the driving force, founder and owner of the company a bit more. Rachel Prinstein Schostak is the epitome of the working gal. The gal’s resume is as stylish as her wardrobe – from Cosmopolitan Magazine to Denise Ilitch Designs – it’s no surprise she is paving her own way in the fashion world. And the fact that she’s doing it all, in the very place I call home, I knew she had to be my next Happy Hour guest!


Image via Deadline Detroit

TSP: It’s Happy Hour! What are you wearing? 

RS: I’m visual, so something like this black jumper with leather coat (switch out my black or white blazer per earlier day meetings).


TSP: What’s your go-to cocktail? 

RS: I’m not much of a liquor gal… but I always love a good glass of white wine or on a special night my preferred cocktail is a French 75! (try it)

TSP: You have quite the background – Cosmopolitan Magazine, Theory, Denise Ilitch Designs, and now Founder + Owner of Styleshack – What has been your motivation?  

RS: Motivation in New York was to get as much industry experience as possible… (Also paying the bills between school and living in NYC was not an easy meal ticket) but regardless I was always hungry for industry experience and eager to work with smart creative and talented people. I think, staying hungry for the love of what I do {for love of the game type of feeling} will always be major motivation.

RS: In regards to Styleshack motivation – it’s truly to help boutiques and small business owners expand their clientele and make sure they are being found online! (70% of women do research before shopping in store) AND making it easier for women all over the world to shop locally in their own communities and when traveling!

TSP: Having worked in a variety of offices and settings, what style advice do you have for the working gal? 

RS: First and foremost, make sure you are respecting your employers rules in terms of dress code. Once you understand what is acceptable in your office – enhance your work wardrobe with a few statement accessories (necklace, earrings and a great work bag). Also pay attention to your shoes! Keep them fresh. And make sure to have all your work wardrobe essentials: variety of blazers, black pencil skirt, cardigan, shift dress, a few button down blouses and most importantly, leave the house every morning wearing your confidence! 

TSP: How did you come up with the idea for Styleshack

RS: Since 2007, I have always had a style blog as a side project and hobby. In 2012, I started getting more traffic as I blogged about amazing local boutiques and stores.  That got me thinking, is it really easy to find these stores online? Are these stores even visible online? I started to do research (involved: talking to many boutique owners, consumer reports and so on).  I found there was a huge need in the marketplace to help unique and specialty store boutiques get online and easily connect them with shoppers throughout the world.

RS: Think about it, we (as consumers) will always want, on some level, to go in-store and have those tactile experiences. Styleshack is the technology that further enables those experiences!

TSP: What’s your favorite part of the job?  

RS: Everyday there is a new problem I get to solve. Also, working with incredibly talented people! (Love my team)!

TSP: Starting your own business, or rather making the leap to take it on full force, can be a bit scary. Any advice you have for other aspiring entrepreneurs?

RS: Yes! Don’t be afraid, but it’s not easy. It’s not a 9 to 5 kind of work environment. Have a network of mentors and advisers, surround yourself with positive people. Be able to take critical feedback and get comfortable being uncomfortable. Most importantly, enjoy the journey! 

TSP: What has been the highlight of your career thus far?

RS: Oh geese, I think, there have been so many amazing “highlights” in my career at different points. My time in New York was unforgettable… from the various jobs, corporate, assistant gigs and some very high profiled events, each experience have their very own highlights.

RS: In Detroit, my job working with Denise Ilitch Designs is definitely highlighted in hot pink!  I was able to work closely with such a remarkable woman, that time has been one of my major highlights thus far. She is super inspiring and fearless.

RS: Now, my major highlight is being a part of the Bizdom Accelerator program in Detroit. Getting into the accelerator was very exciting and a time I’ll always remember!

TSP: How would you describe your style?  

RS: Edgy Chic (link) and always classic! 

TSP: And lastly, what do you do to keep your wardrobe fresh and not repetitive? 

RS: Each season I switch it out. I take a few hours and move out or put in storage bins.  The clothes I no longer keep I donate or sell consignment.

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3 thoughts on “happy hour with Rachel Schostak of Styleshack

  1. styleshack says:

    Thanks, Brooke for the Q&A! We love your blog! #femaleboss #workinggal

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