3 ways to style a sequin dress for any office environment


I had bought a blue sequin dress back in November in hopes of wearing it on NYE. Considering I spent my NYE cuddled up on the couch in my sweats – the dress remains in my closet, tags attached, patiently waiting for it’s debut. After a little styling session of my own in my closet this weekend (with some wine ofcourse!), I’ve come up with three different ways to include it in my work wardrobe. I think it’s great for those days when you feel like stepping things up a notch, don’t you think? Every girl should have at least one item in their wardrobe that is a little gaudy!

Get the Look: Featured Sequin Dress, $80 No.1 Amy High Low Blazer, $90 No.2 Amelia Crossbody Bag, $58 No. 3 Peep-Toe Caged Booties, $99 No.4 Hobbs Gwen Sweater, $130 No.5 Claire Vans Halen Royal Blue Pearl Braided Necklace, $53 No.6 Steve Madden Stealth Ankle Boots, $98 No.7 J. Crew Boy Cotton Shirt, $70 No.8 Tights, $56 No.9 Neevo Pointed Court Shoe, $85

How do you feel about sequins at the office? What pieces do you use to spruce up your office basics?

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