Happy Hour with Megan Broussard of ProfessionGal

I love empowering and encouraging women to chase their dream career, whatever that may be. About a month ago I came across ProfessionGal, a site focused on helping readers find their personal work style. I had so much fun determining which work style I was (I called a tie between BossGal and CorpGal) that I reached out to Megan Broussard (Owner + Founder) in hopes of featuring her as my next guest at Happy Hour. She agreed! And I’m so happy she did – from her motivation to which work style best describes her, Megan is sharing all the details to her working gal success.


Image via ProfessionGal

TSP: It’s happy hour, what are you wearing?

MB: As of late, I’ve been mixing wool and leather textures to stay warm with an edge: think charcoal gray cow-neck sweater with black leather pants. (With maroon booties for a pop of color to boot.)

TSP: What’s your go-to cocktail?

MB: I can’t ever say no to one (or two) jalapeño margaritas and any strawberry-cocktail concoctions, especially the strawberry gimlet at Middle Branch in Murray Hill, Manhattan, even if it’s not summer.

TSP: What motivated you to start ProfessionGal?

MB: Before launching the site, I was on a personal quest to find the career and work style that worked for me – not the other way around – which took me from cubes and coworking spaces to “coffices” and home offices. Now, I’ve created the one-stop-shop ProfessionGal to help other gals find their fit too so that they can do what they love and work in any way they want to. We believe you can create any career you can think up. With a blog, career services and shop (plus more goodies) tailored to all work styles, we help gals find their style and work it with wardrobe, workspace and break time trends and tips.

TSP: Your site ProfessionGal is all about harnessing your career style – how would you describe your career style? What type of Gal are you?

MB: I identify best with the BossGal type since I’m an entrepreneur who freelanced extensively in the past. Since I’m a mobile worker who dresses for comfort, durability and versatility in order keep up with my order-to-go type of work style, I buy wardrobe pieces that are comfortable enough for me to curl up in a desk chair like it’s my living room couch, but that still looks polished enough to jump at a moment’s notice to meet with a potential vendor for my store. Same goes for my workspace accessories. The easier the product can keep up with me, the better.

TSP: What did you think you wanted to be growing up?

MB: Gal, I didn’t think, I knew I would be Oprah. Chyeahh…but essentially I wanted to be journalist and live in NYC. Writing is my first love, and I think it was mainly because I enjoyed putting emotion and experience into words that people easily felt but found difficult to describe. I was also always inquisitive and loved interviewing people to bring their stories in an interesting way to the public. Thankfully, I’ve been able to do both of these things with ProfessionGal. I’m just a Cajun gal from Lafayette, LA and with hard work along with a little luck, I’ve accomplished many things I’ve always wanted to personally and professionally (knock on wood)!

TSP:  As a young entrepreneur what has been your biggest challenge thus far?

MB: I think it’s easy to let naysayers get into your head and distract you from celebrating the small, yet steady successes you achieve. I have some advice for other entrepreneurs who struggle with this in a recent article I wrote in Forbes.

TSP:  Greatest career success?

MB: When I became officially incorporated as a business and opened the shop. It truly was a dream come true.

TSP: What advice do you have for those still trying to find their career style?

MB: Identify your strengths and natural interests. Then, research opportunities that complement both. What most people don’t realize too is that your work schedule and office culture should be compatible with your personality and. Find a way to work that fits the balancing act your personal life, talents and passions call for. With ProfessionGal career services, we can help!

TSP: How do you keep your professional wardrobe fresh and not repetitive?

MB: By always keeping a fresh repertoire of accessories, especially statement pieces: bright belts, handmade bracelets, chunky rings, and unique necklaces.

TSP: And for fun, what are your office essentials?

MB: This lime green poppin office supplies set, this chic and comfortable NOBU dress by CARRIE HAMMER, a statement, handmade accessory from anna croswell, this Alesya Bag that carries your entire office in style, stationary from Twine & Co. – because every gal should have thank you cards on hand!

P.S. Starting in March I’ll be contributing to ProfessionGal.com once a month, be sure to check in for when those posts go live.

We need your help! Know someone you think would be great for our Cocktail Confessionals series? Or have a question you’d like us to ask one of our guests? Email us.

Xx, B

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