the working gal’s spring sandal guide

As soon as warmer weather hits there’s nothing we love more than a fresh pedicure and a great sandal. And we aren’t talking about the Old Navy version either (although, we personally live for their yearly $1 sale). With the working gal in mind, we took the liberty of weeding through the most popular suitors and hand selected our favorite.


To properly pull off the sandal at the office there are a few things to keep in mind.

Fresh pedicure, no excuses. With spring in full swing this should definitely start becoming a part of your weekly routine. It seems like common sense, but we’ve all witnessed a great sandal on a not so great pair of piggies. The office is no place for your chipped nail polish and dry feet to be on display.

Keep the heel low or mid height. You want a heel, but nothing too high. Something low or mid height works best. It’s more dressy then a flip flop but nothing to risque.

Keep it simple. No crazy prints or rocker studs. Although this is great for a night out on the town with your girls, it’s not so great for the office. Stick with a neutral color, leather or patent material, and minimalistic prints or detailing.

Use your judgement. Always refer to your work dress code before wearing anything to work. If there is nothing stating you can’t wear a sandal, then go for it! But keep in mind when the most appropriate times are to do so. I wouldn’t suggest wearing them on a day when you will be presenting to clients or on a day when you will be in or conducting meetings. Casual Fridays are always a safe bet! 😉



Leave your thoughts and comments below!


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