Happy Hour with Tiffany of Hill Street Boutique

photo_1024x1024Image via Tiffany of Hill Street

TSP: It’s happy hour, what are you wearing? 

TC: Whatever I wore to work!  On a normal day, probably skinny pants, a blouse and I’ll add a bright scarf or necklace to transition the look to night time.  I’m also short, so it’s always heels when I go out.

TSP: What’s your go to cocktail? 

TC: If I’m feeling fancy a Grapefruit Crush always hits the spot!  Try it: fresh grapefruit juice, grapefruit vodka & seltzer on lots of ice.

TSP: Being from NYC and attending college in the Midwest is definitely going against the norm. What encouraged your decision and how was the transition? 

TC: I always knew I would return back to NYC after college so I wanted to use the opportunity to have the full “college experience.”  I wanted to live somewhere different; go to a big school on a big campus that had lots of school spirit and tradition.  I chose the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor because ultimately, you can’t find football & tailgating in midtown! At first, it was an adjustment because unlike NYC, everyone was so nice all the time!  However, I quickly realized how wonderful of a place it is and its people are the icing on the cake.

TSP: Did you always want to open a boutique or was that a dream that evolved while studying in school? 

TC: I’ve always wanted to open a boutique but I really wanted a concept.  When I was at school, I found it harder to find quality pieces on a budget.  Fast forward a few years and that frustration refused to subside, so I decided it might be the perfect timing. 

TSP: Being a Michigander myself, and the inspiration for the name of your boutique coming from my home roots, we must have left a good impression on you – how has your experience impacted your business? 

TC: Living in Michigan taught me to appreciate the beauty of simplicity and practicality.  I definitely think this has influenced my personal style, my boutique’s concept, the pieces I choose, and ultimately the way I run my business. 

 TSP: You just recently launched, what has been your greatest success thus far?  

TC: I was excited by the first purchase from someone outside of my immediate circle.  However, it has been wonderful to hear from all of my family and friends who support me.  Their kind words are encouraging and make it all worthwhile.

TSP: Greatest Challenges?

TC: Trying to keep the right amount of stock!  I don’t know if it will ever get easier to gauge what will sell and what won’t sell! 

TSP: What Advice do you have for other inspiring working gals looking to follow in your footsteps?  

TC: My advice would be to really listen in whatever work environment you are in.  Whether you are happy or whether it pertains to your ultimate goal or not, there is always something to learn.  These lessons will give you the confidence to pursue whatever it is you want to do, especially when owning your own business.  You will need that knowledge and experience every single day. 

TSP: We love how delicate and original your pieces are, how do you select pieces for the boutique and which are your favorites? 

TC: Thank you!  Simply put, I select pieces that I would personally love to wear.  Additionally, since everything on Hill Street is under $150, I really rely on selecting pieces that are high in quality.  I have never chosen something without actually seeing and touching it in person because if it feels cheap, chances are it will look cheap .I love the gold knot rings, basic shawl vest, ostrich clutches … everything!  The downside to owning your own boutique is that you spend most of your profit on pieces for yourself.  I own almost everything that I sell! 

TSP : What’s the most important thing you want customers to take away from the Hill Street experience? 

TC: That you really don’t have to spend too much money to find great pieces.  You can invest a little money into a lot of good accessories.  Just look for good quality and they will forever make your wardrobe feel fresh and glamorous!


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The Style Planner

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The Style Planner

Hill Street

Xo, B

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