I’ve never really been much of a drinker and for that reason, my cocktail skills have definitely suffered. Unless it’s premixed and ready for me to pour over ice, I’m embarrassingly clueless.  Maybe you can relate? (I hope so!) At 25 years old I feel I should at least have my go-to cocktails for when having friends and family over, especially with warmer weather upon us. In efforts to become a cocktail connoisseur I’ve compiled a list of  cocktails every gal should know how to replicate. Everyone seems to add their own personal twists to cocktail recipes so feel free to experiment, but for the sake of my inexperienced self, I kept these refreshing treats simple and spring-like. Cheers!

Fruity Spring Cocktail

This fruity spring cocktail is like sunshine in a cup. Try it via Tablespoon


When life hands you lemons, make sangria! Try it via Eat. Drink. Love


I love fresh lemonade in the warmer months, but this is definitely a fun twist on a rather boring drink. Try it via Baking with Blondie


Champagne Popsicle, enough said. Try it via Reclaiming Provincial


Watermelon Sorbet, YUM!! Try it via Fit Villains


Have a favorite cocktail not on the list? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to try it!

Xx, B

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