Spring is in full swing and the temperatures are finally starting to rise! Unfortunately, my new years resolution of starting that fitness routine fell flat somewhere back in February. Between a full-time job and life’s unexpected responsibilities finding the energy to workout is almost impossible.  My boyfriend and I recently bought a treadmill hoping it would motivate us to wake up 30 minutes early or jump on it for an hour in the evenings. It seem it has become more of a furniture piece than a fitness machine. Unfortunately I feel the most motivated when I’m sitting in the office. When the sun is shinning and it’s right around noon is when the fitness guru in me really comes out! Anyone with me?

fitnessImage via Shecky’s

Well, what if I told you that you can actually get bikini ready at the office? You’d probably call me crazy, but let’s not knock anything before we try it gals! I’ve rounded up my favorite go-to workout routines that are so easy, you can do them while you’re working!


Get Rid of Job-Related Jiggle via Fitness Magazine

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3 Easy Tricks for Getting Fit at the Office via Entrepreneur

8 Ways to Get Fit at the Office via Shecky’s

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